Here are some of the Geeks' works

The T & A Show are a live country music band. The site is built with Joomla 2.5 and showcases some of the video, photo, and audio possibilities with the Geeks.
The Sioux YMCA is in South Dakota, and we have done some extensive service for it. This site showcases how the Geek can make an amazing site on a non-profit budget.
One of the first websites NateisaGeek built, this one is part of the DNA from the iPhone repair business from which NateisaGeek is built.
Escobar Agency
Escobar Agency is a great insruance agency located in West St Paul, MN. They are amazing people if you need insurance you should contact. The site is build with wordpress, and allows them to update themselves as needed.
Matt Killam
Matt Killam is a City Council member in St. Joesph, MN. He uses the wordpress site to connect with the public and campagin. Simple sleek and powerful way to get the word out.
Your Dream Here
This is just a holding spot for our next website. Contact us today to have us create your dream.