About NateisaGeek

Our focus is small business start-up companies that are trying to get the word out. We started as an iPhone repair business and in 2009 we decided to sell the iPhone repair company. NateisaGeek.com now focuses on building websites and providing small business web presence support.

We love to help people grow their ideas. We want to help you start your own small business whether you have big aspirations, or simply want to make some extra cash. We have many different levels of support from building full websites to simply updating. We will work closely with you to better understand what you want. We are confident we have the marketing tools you want, no matter what level of support you require.

Our Values

We know how hard it is to be a small business; everything is so expensive! Our goal is to be as affordable as possible, while still delivering the quality results you deserve for your website.
Our team is made up of geeks for the environment too. We host our websites on wind-powered servers, and we use paperless billing and processing. We can assist you in working to make your business more sustainable as well.
Honesty and integrity are at the core of NateisaGeek. We value your small business, and we will do everything possible to have a respectful and professional partnership with you to help grow your business.

Dahir W.
3d ago

Nate is very knowledgable and hard working guy. Excellent job.

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